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benefit of "on a boat" 

The best employees are motivated employees.

People want to have recognition. Employees and executives work day-by-day in their job. They spend a tremendous amount of time for their man who signs the paycheck. Plenty of employees and executives feel a lack of appreciation and recognition. This leads to a bad working performance and a difficult working atmosphere. Make collaborators out of your clerks and executives. Let your employees become part of the company - let them feel to not just work for the company. Your employees and executives are the most valuable resource you have in your company. Make them successful and your company will be successful!

Business trainings "on a boat" for executives, manager and employees in a business with responsibility

Employees and executives with the right motivation and mindset are like the motor for a successful development of a company. Good employees have a task that fits to them. Really good employees do have a task task even brings fun to them an makes them grow. People want to be(come) developed. But not in stuffy meeting rooms. Also not in trainings that are just theoretically. Real practical parts are missing. And even not in groups that do not fit together. That prevents effective learning.

People love learning - but only in a good environment

Where do you learn best? In a dark corner buried unter thousands of book in an old basement? Of course not You make your feeling comfortable. That is how you learn. The way to make learning easy - without being disturbed. You want to focus on the learning content. Simply just learning in a good environment.

This is exactly what we give to you. With our business trainings, team buildings and incentives on a boat. You get the perfect environment with the perfect coaches for perfect personal and business development.

Numerous advantages

  • You learn in an environment that is perfectly prepared for the relevant training.
  • A ship offers a grand ambience. You love to be there. Your mind is free and you will be able to fully concentrate on learning.
  • You are far away from daily business. You wind down. You mind is free for learning.
  • You learn together with people with the same knowledge and competences - fast and effective.
  • You simply want to learn - at one of the most beautiful places on an exclusive boat.



benefits of "on a boat" 

Team building events von "on a boat"

Only succesful teams are performing. From times with lower activities to times with a huge amount of work. A performing team works always well.

For a performing team.

In a performing team all team members

  • have to know each other.
  • must trust each other.
  • have to respect each other.

All of that a team has to learn. Active team building improves team performance, motivates employees and makes your company successful.

team building has to be a positive experience

Team building is not easy. Team building is hard work. Team building is essential. That is why collaborative working is not only theoretically. It is a practical and active learning process. The best way to achieve this is building a team in a are with limited space far away from everything. There is no better place than team building on a boat. No chance for employees to avoid each other. You must collaborate with you colleagues. On a boat masks drop off in a tremendous short period of time. One is open and honest to each other. There is no other chance. A team building event on a boat is more effective than anywhere else on land, in meeting room or in a seminar room somewhere in a hotel.

Numerous advantages

  • Full concentration on the team.
  • The team is fully collaborative. There is no one else available. 
  • The limited space on a boat makes the team get the team spirit way faster than anywhere else.
  • Boat provide endless ways for team training, role games etc. with quickly countable success.
  • Trainings on a boat stay in mind - long lasting. The entire team benefits long term from the team building on a boat.



benefits of "on a boat"



 benefits of "on a boat"


Invest in what your company makes successful - your employees.

Bring your company up to the top - with "on a boat"!


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