"on a boat" - the concept

on a boat - the concept

What is behind "on a boat"?

Sometimes the best ideas are simple. We are team of long lasting experienced managers, trainers, coaches, guides, skipper an do have a top service team. Our work is focussed on a maximum client value. We love our jobs and that is what our clients benefit from. "on a boat" offers "The best coaches in the perfect environment for the best training results - for executives and their teams".

The "on a boat" idea.

Our CEO Christoph Heller had the idea of "on a boat" while working as a management consultant and trainer. 



Learning by the way - it is not that simple.

Learning is a process of willingness - especially on business education, training and development. If you have to learn e.g. on a business training or team building then you are less likely willing to learn. You simply do not know why. Learning is way more easy if you know why. Then it motivates employees - they then have a goal, a vision. And it is better to learn if the environment is prepeared for it.  It is even key for a useful learning result. Learning by the way somewhere in s stuffy meeting room and doing training for 2 days - surrounded by operational work, stress , blackberries and highly demotivated colleagues? That does not really support successful personal and business development. It simply does not work and costs only a lot of money. With the negative effect that the employees did not improve themselves and also not their company. Your company will also not improve. Stop that vicious circle now.

Further development and motivated employees are key for successful companies.

Succesful companies understand that their employees are key for growth and increasing profit. Only motivated and well educated employees have a corporate mindset. Just then they will act on behalf of the company. This will reflect in better quality and higher performance. Your clients will get an even better services and they will be much more satisfied. You will create way more value for your clients. And that is what it is all about.



The "on a boat" concept.

Christoph Heller found out that 4 items are key for successful education and motivated employees:

  1. A person that is learning must be willing to learn.
  2. A person that is learning needs to understand why he is learning.
  3. A person that is learning needs to have a perfect learning environment.
  4. A person that is learning needs the perfect coach for helping him to be successful.

Based on these 4 key success factors Christoph Heller created the the simple and effective "on a boat" concept.

on a boat - the concept

The vision: "The best coaches in the perfect environment for the best training results - for executives and their teams".

Basically "on a boat" is doing nothing less than real working business trainings, team building events and incentive trips with top coaches at top locations. And this - "on a boat" is really expert in.

"on a boat" designs, coordinates and executes exclusive business trainings, performing team building events and spectacular incentives on motor yachts and sailing yachts.  But only for companies that attach importance to top educated and motivated employees as well as successful executives. "on a boat" has the best trainers, coaches, guides, skipper and a great service team. We do exactly know how to develop and motivate your employees and executives to get a highly successful company. 

"on a boat" fetches people out of their daily routine and create a perfect environment for them - on motor yachts and sailing yachts. For personal development, for team building and for celebrating company success. The "Wow"-factor is always there. Your employees and executives will be looking forward to their trainings and events. We make them fully focus on their learning, team building and incentive experience. That delivers maximum ouptupt.

on a boat - the concept

Appreciation for employees leads to a higher loyalty, motivation and more willingness to perform.

The "on a boat" concept makes your employees and executives highly motivated. They will love to work for your company. They will be ready to perform since they feel the appreciation they get. Respect and appreciation is highly important to employees. More important than the salary they earn. Work must be fun.

"Find a task that you love and you will never need to work one day again".

That is what it is all about. Your employees should like to work. Then they will use all their energy for your company. They are interested in working in a successful company. A company that enables a good environment for their employees. That is what the "good ones" are looking for: They are looking for a task and not for a job. "on a boat" helps companies to make that possible.

on a boat - the concept

Invest in what your company makes successful - your employees.

Bring your company up to the top - with "on a boat"!


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...makes succesful executives and top motivated employees.

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