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Sitting together as a team and playing funny role games is not team building.

A really high performing team acts better than only the individuals. It is the collaboration of the people, the willing to create the best work together, the comprehensive energy to reach a common goal that makes a successful team.

Our skipper Christoph is not only able to drive SV LIMA. He is also a long term experienced coach and advisor ship of teams and of individual executives. 

Each team is different and so is a team building. Each team has different challenges and tasks. Christoph is aligning the goals of your team building individually with you. A perfectly tailored team building event is designed and will be realised on SV LIMA. 

Usually team buildings take 3-5 days depending on your needs. The most important item that all trainings have in common. You either will get a successful team or it becomes pretty clear that you team will not work as a team and that you have other things to do...(where we can help you as well by the way)

You will get:

  • Team building that really works
  • Temporary usage of our sailing yacht as your individual team building lcoation (6 persons can sleep on SV LIMA)
  • A vessel that is perfectly equipped for team building
  • A highly experienced professional team coach and advisor
  • tailormade challenges for your team
  • Effective team learning methods
  • Exclusive support by the SV LIMA crew
  • Attractive locations
  • A personal 24/7 contact
  • Sustainable and measurable success
  • Wow effect including
  • Individual preparation in alignment with you
  • An execution of the team building that fits to your timeline in your company
  • A management summary and professional wrap up after the training


Contact us and make your team an outstanding team.



...makes succesful executives and top motivated employees.

"" is

  • Outstanding business offsites #onaboat
  • Great team building #onaboat
  • Most flexible mobile office at Adriatic sea

Our company has an own sailing yacht (SV LIMA) where all this happens.


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