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Ever thought of extending your business to a country that is around the Adriatic Sea? Ever needed a place to stay with a business team in Italy, Croatia or Slovenia close to coast? For some days, a week or even longer? 

Then get in touch with us. On SV LIMA we have a fully equipped mobile office. 

We do have onboard:

  • WLan 
  • 3G and LTE Internet
  • Energy even nearshore and offshore
  • Printer including paper
  • writing pads
  • mobile flipchart
  • small parts like postIT, sellotape, pencils, scissors, presentation case and more


You even are able to invite guests, clients, provider and further important business contacts to SV LIMA if you want to. Our skipper makes almost everything possible.


You will get:

  • Temporary usage of our sailing yacht as your personal mobile office
  • Fully equipped as mobile office
  • Your company logo as a flag on the mast
  • Top locations for special meetings with clients, providers, business contacts and more
  • Skipper onbaord including
  • Possibility to sleep onboard up to 6 people including
  • You take care about your business - we do the rest


Contact us and get an office you have never had before - and you probably will never have...



...makes succesful executives and top motivated employees.

"" is

  • Outstanding business offsites #onaboat
  • Great team building #onaboat
  • Most flexible mobile office at Adriatic sea

Our company has an own sailing yacht (SV LIMA) where all this happens.


Get in touch with us for your business training, team building and your mobile office #onaboat:

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