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Ever heard of a training the participants never forget? Where they sometimes remember each sentence said since it was so special. Incredible moments and at awesome locations.  And this is the environment in which you will will learn a business topic for you company? Sounds crazy but that is the truth.

A proper environment is key for your learning success. You have 5 senses and with SV LIMA business trainings @onaboat you learn with all five of them. 

You will get:

  • Temporary usage of our sailing yacht as your individual business training (6 persons can sleep on SV LIMA)
  • A vessel that is perfectly equipped for trainings
  • You bring your trainer along or we organise the perfect trainer for your needs
  • Exclusive support by the SV LIMA crew
  • Attractive locations
  • A personal 24/7 contact
  • Sustainable and measurable success
  • Wow effect including

This service is for cool companies only that understand how important highly skilled and even more highly motivated people are.

Contact us and do your business trainings @onaboat.


...makes succesful executives and top motivated employees.

"" is

  • Outstanding business offsites #onaboat
  • Great team building #onaboat
  • Most flexible mobile office at Adriatic sea

Our company has an own sailing yacht (SV LIMA) where all this happens.


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